Top 10 things to do with your kids in Amman

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Top 10 ways to get active in Amman


1) Flying kites at the Citadel

I would love to learn how to make them, but I always tend to take the easy way out and buy the kids their kites, theyre sold at the traffic light these days. The best place to fly the kites and have a good time with abit of history and culture is at the Citadel. Pack a snack and head to the Citadel for a fun day out with the kids!

2) Housing Bank Park (Abdoun)

Although youd need to be there before 6pm, but this park has a nice path for the kids to enjoy their scooters and bikes. The Swings and slides are well maintained and sand is clean. Usually after were done, to cool down we go one of my favorite ice-cream stores across the street freezy creamery .

3) Painting and planting clay pots

One of the most interesting activities for the kids and moms too! ? Visiting one of the clay pots street displays (the one before Al Ahli club is my favorite) and make the kids choose a pot to paint and plant, there are many lovely pots to choose from, I often ask the vendor to explain how they were made and the kids love hearing the stories! Afterwards we head to one of the street green houses to choose our plants. Finally we either go to one of the parks or our home garage to paint our pots and plant them!

4) A stroll down Rainbow Street

After a long a day spent at home, doing homework and house chores its always nice to go for a nice walk! My personal best stroll is walking down Rainbow Street. Starting off with a Falafel sandwiche from Al Quds, my boys love sitting of the street benches, counting the cars and just chit chatting with people who walk by. We usually keep walking down till we reach the soap house all the way  at the bottom of the street. On the way back up we might grab fries from Batata. What makes us race up hill and keeps us going is the ice-cream from Gerrard. We sit at the view-point over looking the Jordanian flag and enjoy our ice-cream.

5) Jimagine

A lovely place to make your toddler roam with his imagination, Jimage (translates to I imagine) has a lot of different corners for your child to dress up and pretend to be whatever they want to be. Other than that it has a nice arts room where they could make specific art pieces.

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6) Saifi Pony Club

Now this is one my boys favorite places. Not only do they go for a pony ride or a professional riding class they love grooming the ponies and walking them when possible. In addition the club has a nice small playground the kids love spending some time playing and jumping around.

To book, or for more info call: 0777442222

7) House of Tales and Music

Our kids need to explore the beauty of the Arabic language, at the house of Tales and Music Mrs. Rabea Al Nasser, a professional educator brings out her dream and love for story telling and narrating to children in every tale she tells and every story she offers. In addition there are music, drama, cooking and Art for children of all ages to explore and learn.

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8) Jingos Jungle

An excellent place for indoor entertainment, all kinds of rides, jumping castles, doll house, arcades and more . Its your best choice during rainy or cold days. Another big advantage to Jingos Jungle, its in City Mall so after draining the kids you could always go get your groceries at Carrefour or grab a bite at their food court!


9) Sahaseel

Also located in a mall (Mecca Mall) which gives it a plus for a last minute shopping/groceries. Kids love the mazes and small engine water tubes.

Tel: 06 582 3456

10) Fun Time

Another indoor entertainment center suitable for the younger ones which is suitable for kids ages 2 and 3yrs too (not a lot of places are) is located in Sweifieh. The boys and I have attended several birthday parties in it, its size is perfect for special occasions and a fun indoor day!

Tel: 06 582 3975