Top 10 ways to get active in Amman

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Top 10 ways to get active in Amman



Have a wonderful summer Amman!

1) Yoga / Pilates

Re-energize, relax, meditate, stretch with Yoga or Pilates classes in Amman.
Some groups go out to yoga and meditating retreats around Jordan to Wadi Rum or Maen.

Here are some groups you can join:

- Yoga Jordan -

- One With Nature - OR

- Art of Living -

- Yoga with a view -

2) Amman Bicycle Polo Club

Polo? On a bike? Who wouldve thought! This is happening in Amman, at the King Hussain Park!

Join their facebook group to take part in this great sport!

3) DNA's Boot Camp

Get in shape & join the Boot Camp run by one of Ammans great trainers: Ammar Sabbah from DNA Personal Training Studios.

Boot camps are on every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at 6am & 7pm at Al Riyadi Aramex Playground in Sweifeyeh.

Facebook Group:

Tel: 06 5921449

4) Climbat

A world-renowned sport that really works you out! Climbat Jordan is the first indoor climbing center, a wonderful facility with great trainers!
Climbat Amman offers courses for everyone, from complete beginners to expert climbers.

Facebook Group:

5) Biking

Biking is a sport thats picking up in Amman, some great biking groups have started up with different tours around Amman and Jordan.

A sport that allows you to work out, mingle with friends and family, meet new people & discover your country!

Here are a few groups you can join:

- Cycling Jordan:

- Nader Bikes:

- Bike Rush:

6) Fast walk

Fast walkers are growing in numbers. This brilliant group walks around Amman, choosing different paths every time.
Exercise with friends and family or with the hundreds of other fast walkers for a 12km / 2 hour walk around our beautiful city!
The great news is: its FREE!

Facebook Group:

7) Capoeira

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art form that makes a ritual of movements from martial arts, games, and dance.
This wonderful sport/dance is for everyone & a great way to get moving, get active, work out and gain strength.

Check out their Facebook group for their location and schedule:

8) Dance

They say "dance is the best medicine for the soul".
So many different dance groups and studios have opened up in Amman.
Whether you are looking for Hip Hop, oriental, Salsa, break dancing, zumba or any other dance, Ammans dance studios have different sessions for beginners, intermediates or advanced dancers.

- Tempo Schedule:

- Zumba Jordan:

- Arthur Murray Dance Studio:

- Dance Mania Academy:

9) A walk or run up Ammans famous stairs

Amman is famous for its stairs, connecting the different hills together.
Run or walk up the stairs (be careful not to trip on litter) and discover new areas of Amman.
A great route is from Rainbow to Downtown (Al Balad) and up to the citadel for a breath of fresh air over looking the city.
If you get thirsty, stop by one of downtowns juice stores for Sugar Cane juice or fresh orange juice!

Feel free to suggest other routes to challenge us!

10) Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is another exciting sport played by a small group in Amman.
The group gathers to play every Friday at 4pm at the Modern American School near 7th circle (weather permitting)

Check their Facebook group for information: