Top 10 fun activities to do in Amman

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Top 10 fun activities to do in Amman


1. Climbat

2. Horseback Riding

Amman hosts one of the first indoor climbing centers in the region! Whether youre a beginner or pro, Climbat is a place you can challenge yourself! I went a few times with a group of friends and had a great time! Although I find that it cant be done too often, Id rather be outdoors discovering new areas & scenes.

Cost: 20JDs for 1.5hrs of beginners training / 55JDs for 3/2hr sessions if you know how to climb without supervision.
Ages: 5+
Phone: 06-5736177

I often head to Nadi Al Jawad with my nephews for a ride, its a great way to unwind, you can get trained professionally or just take a small stroll around the paddock. Unfortunately though, they have recently changed the rules, you need a membership to ride horses there.

Cost: 5JDs
Ages: 5+
Phone: 06-4291386


3. Karting - Jordan Speed Center  4. Kite Flying - Jabal Al Qala'a

Karting is one of my favorite hobbies, its a bit of an expensive hobby to say the least so I dont get to go often. But when I do get to go the rush of getting on that twin engine kart Is just amazing! Especially with some friends who know how to Kart... Speed Center also offers professional karting courses for those who want to go pro.

Cost: 15JDs/race (single engine)
Ages: 13+ (kids 5+ can ride in double seater with employee)
Phone: 06-4290306


This is a recent hobby Ive acquired, its so much fun! I learnt how to make kites through an activity by Hamzet Wasel with the kids at Jabal Al Qala next to the citadel. What a great hobby to learn and fun activity to do at sunset especially.

Cost: 1.5 - 2 JDs

5. Football at King Hussein park 6. Turkish Bath - Al Pasha

Take some friends, a ball and play a football game at King Hussein Park, against each other or against another team youll meet at the park! Its a great evening activity! Ive never done it but I see a lot of people who do and they seem to be enjoying themselves

Cost: zero

Get some scrubbing, chill in the Jacuzzi, relax alone or with a bunch of friends at the Turkish bath. Al Pasha have a sauna, Jacuzzi & steam room at the facility as well as a cool courtyard where you can play some chess/backgammon or grab a bite and smoke shisha.

Cost: 25JDs (includes: Sauna, Jacuzzi, Steam room, massage & scrubbing)
Ages: 13+
Phone: 06-4633002


7. Bowling 8.  Cycling 

An all time favorite! Few places here have bowling alleys Jordan Bowling Center (06-5512987), Royal Automobile Club (06-5850626) or Strikers @ Kempinski Hotel (06-5200200)

Cost:  5JDs for 1 round (Strikers)
Ages: 7+

Groups of cyclers can be spotted around Amman and Parts of Jordan; these cycling trips are organized by Bike Rush or Cycle Jordan A fun way to meet new people, discover new areas and exercise! They stop during the trip for picnic breaks and snacks making it a pretty cool experience.

Cost:  5 15JDs (depends on trip, food provided etc..)
Ages: 18+ (Bike Rush)
Phone: 079-9454586 (Bike Rush)

9. Paintball 10. Art Gallery Hopping

Paintballing is a blast of an activity; although it hurts a little if youre not wearing a bunch of layers and padding underneath your suit! Take a group of your friends and go fight another team at Paintball Jordan just off the airport.

Cost: 15JDs (100 bullets, full uniform) - 1hr
Ages: 10+
Phone: 078-8381234

We got a bunch of different galleries around Amman, if youre in the mood for the art scene get in a car and hop around the different galleries like Dar Al Anda, Darat al Funun, Foresight Gallery, Jacaranda Images, Wadi Finan, Nabad Art Gallery etc (We will compile a top ten art galleries list for you soon)

Cost: zero (unless you want to shop)