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 Jordan Tourist Sites - Attraction

Petra is a treasure of the ancient world, hidden behind an impenetrable wall of almost rugged mountains, boasting incomparable scenes that make the site more majestic, and the introduction of old still exist today .. It has been said "perhaps there is nothing in the world that is more like" in a matter of fact, of course, there is nothing in the world it seems. Rock carved city of Petra, the rose is full of mysterious charm, "was designed to bring surprised everyone who entered."


petra is considered the most famous sites and beautiful in Jordan located about 262 kilometers south of Amman and 133 km north of Aqaba. Legacy "of the Nabateans, the people industrious Arabs who settled in southern Jordan more than 2000 years ago. And was fond of while culture, refined, and architecture and wide-ranging and complex ingenious dams and water channels, Petra is now a World Heritage Site and one of the wonders of the world 7 new of the world, which fascinates visitors from all over the world.

This approach of miles through the gap, a cool, dark place (or SIC) which is a long narrow gorge sides too steep, but the gang from the sun, and makes a sharp contrast with the magic to come. Suddenly the gorge opens in a natural square dominated by Petra's most famous monument, the Treasury Department (Sharm El-Khazneh), who carved facade glows in the sun blinding.

petra  Interfaces and other calls for visitors to the ancient city gradually unfolds, leading to the monument next to mile after mile. Size of the city and the quality of beautifully carved facades is impressive, and makes us think about the creativity and industry of the Nabataeans of Petra, who made his capital.

Petra is always breathtaking, and never forget. Flourished 'Y for 400 years at the time of Rome and Christ (peace be upon him) while he was busy with the Roman legions of Trajan in 106 AD.

Petra basin comprises more than 800 individual monuments, including buildings, tombs, baths, funerary halls, temples, arched gates and streets of the columns, which are mostly carved in sandstone kaleidoscopic technical and artistic genius of its inhabitants.

Monuments to petra in the early morning, and the best to him late in the evening when the sun warms the multicolored stones, you can see the grandeur of Petra as we have seen for the first time discovered in 1812, after losing in the 16th century, nearly 300 years!




Petra Life Exhibition For Traditional Heritage "PLETH"

This permanent exhibition showing the history and heritage of the greater Petra region which is the only one of its kind in the southern part of Jordan to focus attention specifically on the heritage of our recent past. It represents a unique and valuable source of information and provides the perfect environment for visitors to explore a broad spectrum of topics related to the heritage of this part of the world during the last two centuries.

Alternative Dining

Tourists interested in learning how to cook Arabic cuisine can do so at The Petra Kitchen, located on Tourism Street. After arriving at 6.30pm, tourists work with local chefs from the area to prepare appetizers, main courses, and dessert using local ingredients. The meal, not including alcoholic beverages,

Petra by Night

Experience Petra in a unique way through Petra by Night. See the city at night the way the ancient spice caravan travelers must have seen it. Make your way through a candle-lit siq to the magnificent Treasury and enjoy an evening of Bedouin music and storytelling.


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